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On Dec. 7, 2013 we had about 5 inches of snow and temp's down to 18 degrees.

Great time for pictures!

2018 has started off well. Lakota placed Grand Champion at Hobo against 2 and three year olds. Fallen Oak has become involved with a Girl Scout troop and will have llamas involved in their cookie sales. Early in the year a herd reduction has brought numbers down to 18 llamas and one alpaca.


2017, Fallen Oak only showed at Western Regional's and Nationals. Spent most of the year having fun with the llamas. Participated in Tractor Days, the Peruvian Festival and much more... Had a blast on the trip to Nationals. Indy and I were on two News broadcasts and in the Sunday paper in Kansas. We both visited the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas on the way home.


2015 -With much sadness, we lost Hughes SpellBinder October 13, 1993 to March 13, 2015 and Argentine Corvo December 7, 1996 to May 29, 2015

In total, 3 llamas were lost resulting from a single dog attack (pack) SpellBinder had been at Fallen Oak since 2001. Corvo had been at Fallen Oak since 2007


2013 resulted in major changes. The ranch went from two owners to one owner. Life goes on.


As 2012 wraps up, we are working around the ranch. We did not show as much as we wanted. We decided to downsize the herd. We met some awesome people who are now new llama owners. Like everyone else, we had some major highs & some major lows. That is just life.

We put out a request to some special friends in June. We asked for name suggestions for our full Argentine crias that are due. These crias are named after alcohol. The top two for males are currently Patron & Moonshine.

In May 2012 we found out that Shoshone had not yet qualified for her ALSA Halter Champion. It took some time to get that confirmed. So... we cleaned her up real fast & entered her in the Grass Valley Show - VERY LAST MINUTE. She is NOW an ALSA Halter Champion.

In March 2012 we lost PFO Princess Nichola to an obstruction. We did not have her tested but we found frayed baling twine in the pasture she was recently moved to. All of the baling twine is NOW REMOVED 


2011 was a great year for Fallen Oak. We did outstanding in the show ring. Bella, Amarula, Shoshone & Zuni received many Grands and Reserves in Halter. We also started to show in Walking Fiber classes and took championships from each show. 

Lakota received his ALSA Halter Champion & Amarula was National Class Champion! 

In July... well we done it... picked up two Suri females from the McRobert's Ranch. We are going to try an Argentine/Suri cross but expect to see them at the Shows until WE feel that they are old enough to breed.


In June 2011, we bid farewell to Arg. Drambuie (he went to Minnesota) and welcomed Arg. Navajo Traveler (formerly Arg. Nemesio) The exchange was made at the Field of Dreams Sale in Nebraska.

February 1st & 10th found the both of us helping out in the delivery of 33 llamas at U.C Davis. These llamas were just a few of the llamas rescued from Montana Large Animal Sanctuary. 

We acquired two gelding alpacas in Jan. 2011. Now we can show people when asked "what is the difference between a Llama and an Alpaca?'

2011 is starting off well! Lakota has now Officially received his ALSA Halter Championship. 


In 2010, Fallen Oak had both good times & hard times. Thankfully, we were able to work through the hard stuff... so let us look at the good stuff.

bulletFallen Oak did well in the Show Ring    
bulletWe showed at five California shows this year. 
bulletWe brought a total of eight different llamas. Of these, 5 qualified for Nationals & 2 qualified for Regional's.
bulletWe received 3 Grand Champion & 4 Reserve Grand Champion placings.
bulletPFO llamas at other ranches also received many Grands and Reserves.
bulletFallen Oak Herdsires are continuing to show off their genetic potential
bulletPFO Lakota received his ALSA R.O.M
bulletArg. Corvo's two offspring (only 2 at this ranch) received Grands and Reserves for their conformation.
bulletRebels daughter, Zuni, received a Grand & placed Top Ten at Nationals
bulletThree llamas were brought to Nationals (Argentine Shoshone, PFO Zuni Smoke, PFO Lakota) & all three placed Top Ten in their classes.


bulletFallen Oak has had some wonderful crias.
bulletA total of 9 crias were born this year to 5 Herdsires.
bulletTwo outstanding full Argentine females were born with style & lineage that will benefit our show ring & breeding programs.
bulletTwo crias placed very well in Harvest Fair & SW Regional's at 5 months of age. one qualifying for Nationals by her placing at Regional's.


bulletFallen Oak was also involved in outside projects
bulletSuzann served on the Llamas of the Wine Country Advisory Council
bulletFallen Oak was proudly involved, with the Gang of 4, in a llama rescue at the beginning of the year. We successfully cataloged, wormed, gave shots to & clipped toenails on several llamas before being placed to wonderful new homes.
bulletWe attended many non- show events to promote & show off the many qualities of llamas.
bulletWe became involved with the training & acquisition of llamas for another ranch. Had fun training a few camels too. 




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