Crias at Fallen Oak

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Here at Fallen Oak, we usually breed for a few crias per year. This makes it much easier to handle & train.

We have been fortunate enough to see nearly all of our crias' being born. Watching the births (and occasionally helping out) has helped us grow in our understanding of llama behavior.

Llamas rarely have birthing problems. Fallen Oak had been able to access information from a most outstanding veterinarian (Rena) when we have needed help. Since Rena's' passing, Dr. Skillman have been very helpful. We have learned from hands on experience & problem solving. WE also have learned from some tragedies. Occasionally we have been fortunate to successfully help other ranches with problems.

Crias are amazing to watch! They are either a ball of energy, eating or sleeping.

It is with great satisfaction that we are able to watch our little ones grow up to be outstanding adults.



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