Argentine Corvo

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Rare Argentine genetics, extremely dense fiber, great conformation & bone density ...


About Corvo - ILR# S170234    12/07/96 - 5/29/15

bulletCorvo was 18 years old. He had a strong body and confident manner. He had 3 offspring at Fallen Oak in mid 2008
bulletCorvo offered all of the qualities Argentine llamas are known for - Calm disposition, wool coverage, an outstanding topline & bone mass. Corvo has been under utilized as a Herdsire. His get include 4 full Argentine males and 3 full Argentine females (born 2010- 2013). His final full Argentine offspring was Sept. 2015.
bulletCorvo stood 40" at the withers. As with other Argentine imports, his get exceed his size.
bulletFallen Oak has kept all of his female Full Argentine offspring.




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