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Llamas of the Wine Country

This great organization promotes llamas through public relations and hosts the Harvest Festival Llama Show. They hold hikes and events on a regular basis. Remember, there are two 'L's in LLAMAS and two 'L's in their site name! www.llowc.com

LASC- The llama association of Southern California

LASC also hosts llama related events & their llama shows include the Indio Date Festival, March Magic and the Moonlight Madness shows www.llamasofsocal.org

A.L.S.A- The American Lama Show Association

A.L.S.A governs most llamas shows in the U.S.A. It has established the rules and guidelines whose objective is to promote standards and fairness in the show ring. www.alsashow.org

I.L.R. - The International Lama Registry

I.L.R. is the largest accurate compilation of lama genealogical information in the world. The Registry is a not-for-profit corporation with the purpose of maintaining an official genealogical registry system and research services for owners of sub species of the genus lama www.lamaregistry.com

A.M.L.A - Miniature Llama Association

The American Miniature Llama Association was founded in 1999. To be registered by the AMLA, the llama must meet the Association's standard for miniature llamas. The Registry is open to all llamas meeting those standards. www.miniaturellamas.com


Handicapped Pets.com- helps you care for them with products, services, support, and classifieds for guardians of elderly, disabled, and handicapped pets. This site was developed to help the caretakers of handicapped pets maintain a happy, healthy lifestyle for their animals. The products that caretakers need are featured on the site along with articles, important links, stories and photos, a message board, and a free classified ad section. www.handicappedpets.com




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