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PFO Argentine Kamora

August 29, 2010 ILR# 282035

Argentine Corvo (import) X Argentine Pizazz (import)

Kamora is Corvo's first full Argentine daughter. Shown only once, she received a 1st Place as a 2 year old. 

Kamora is the friendliest girl in my herd. Awesome conformation & fiber too. Loves 'real life' public relations.

Argentine Moonshine

June 24, 2012 ILR# 284910

Argentine Corvo (import) X Argentine Melodia (ET)

Pictured here as a yearling, Moonshine is turning into quite a fine girl. She is the same size as her mother as a yearling,

She placed 2nd in her only show. Hopefully, I can add her to the show string after finishing up with some of the current show llamas


Argentine Momokawa G Joy

July 20, 2013 ILR# 286226

Argentine Corvo (import) X Argentine Melodia (ET)

Momokawa is wonderful! She is everything you expect from an Argentine. I think she will follow in her sisters', Amarula, footsteps.

What an amazing girl! I have been unable to show her. Can't take everyone, darn



MGF Godiva White Chocolate

September 18, 2007  ILR# 274751

This girl came to the ranch in May 2017. This black & white Suri has a very strong body. She is very nervous around people. No problem... I have time.

PFO Gypsy Too

February 14, 2010

This girl was screened to get her ILR #. When her previous owner bought her they were told she was out of the Hearst Ranch lines. Definitely old time classic! 

Reserve Grand

MGF Bells & Whistles

July 29, 2009 ILR# 280193

Being Suri, we purchased Whistler to cross with Argentine. She is a very correct girl with a great top line and solid legs. She has a great personality too

After I brushed her out, she placed 1st in her Med. wool class at the 2012 Hobo Classic
2012 Hobo Classic - Silver 1st Place MW2yrF
2013 Dixon May Fair- Reserve Grand Suri Female
2014 State Fair-1st Place Halter/Reserve Grand  W. Fiber

Whistler has produced PFO Chattanooga Whoot Whoot (f) and PFO Hoti (m)- both sired by PFO Lakota

Multiple Grands


6 Grands

1 Reserve

PFO Salish Rain


PFO Lakota X Princess Puliwa

May 10, 2010  ILR# 280474

2012 Hobo- Grand Champion MWYF  

2012 Dixon May Fair- Grand Champion MW2YF- ALSA full division

2012 Dixon May Fair- Grand Champion MW2YF- ILR  

2012 Grass Valley- 1st/2nd MW2YF

2012 State Fair - 3rd MW2YF

2012 Harvest Fair - 3rd MW2YF

2013 Hobo - 1st & 5th Combined 2YrF

2013 Grass Valley - Grand Champion  

2013 State Fair- Resv. Grand Champion  

2014 Hobo - Grand Champion  

2015 California State Fair- Grand Champion


Hi Trl Audry Hepburn

May 18, 2011  ILR# 283849

I believe Hep is the last llama I will purchase. I purchased her in 2016 but she did not come to the ranch until March 2017.

Hep is a HUGE Classic girl


7 Grands

5 Reserves

ALSA National Class Champion

PFO Mayfair Tewa

MGF Coal Tattoo X Skansen's Gypsy Trade

May 12, 2012 ILR# 284909

2013 Hobo Classic 2nd Place HWF Grand Champion Walking Fiber Single & Overall

2013 Grass Valley 2nd Place X2

2013 California State Fair Resv. Grand (full Division)

2013 Harvest Fair 1st Place

2013 SW Regional's 2nd Place

2014 Hobo Classic 2nd Place X2

2014 California State Fair 1st Place

2014 Harvest Fair Grand Champion

2014 Western Regional's Grand Champion 

2015 Hobo Classic Resv. Grand

2015 California State Fair Grand (halter), Grand (walking fiber)

2015 SW Regional's Resv. Grand

2015 Harvest Fair Resv. Grand Champion

2015 Western Regional's Resv. Grand Champion 

2016 Hobo Classic- Grand Champion-silver show, Reserve Grand- Gold Show

Previous Girls


2nd Full Argentine Female


also has ROM for fleece

4 Grands

4 Reserves

ALSA National Class Champion


Argentine Midnight Amarula

June 4, 2010

Argentine Adiksun (ET) X Argentine Melodia (ET)

2011 Hobo double Show- 3rd/3rd   FIRST SHOW
2011 Grass Valley double- Reserve Grand Champion
2011 State Fair Halter 2nd Place

                       W. F. Double Coat- Grand Champion

2011 Harvest- Reserve Grand Champion
2011 ALSA National Class Champion & TOP 5

                        Walking Fiber- 3rd Place

2012 Hobo- silver Grand Champion 

                  gold Reserve Grand Champion

2012 State Fair - Grand Champion

                       W. F. Double Coat- 4th Place/10s)

2012 Harvest Fair- Reserve Grand
2012 SW Regional's 1st Place HW2YrF
2013 Hobo Classic, Turlock, CA. 1st/1st HW2YrF

                       W. F. Double Coat- 2nd Place/20 

2013 Dixon May Fair- Grand Champion
2013 Ca. State Fair - 1st Place HWAF

58 Total ALSA points

Princess Puliwa

June 23, 2003

A King Kameha daughter. Puliwa is a gentle soul. She is very patient and willing to learn. She has produced PFO Taos Smoke, PFO Salish Rain (ALSA HALTER CHAMPION AWARD), PFO Seneca & PFO Yana

She was shown twice and did well with two 2nd's



Multiple Grands





1st Full Argentine Female


also has ROM for fleece

8 Grands

2 Reserves

Argentine Shoshone (ET)

Sept. 7, 2008 ILR# 277358

Argentine Pecos (import) X Argentine Pampita (ET)

Shoshone is easy going and a great mother. I still use her for occasional real life PR. She loves her back scratches!

First shown at 2010 State Fair Shown 2 years
2010 California State Fair GRAND CHAMPION
2010 Harvest Fair GRAND CHAMPION (5 pts) Full
2010 SW Regional's GRAND CHAMPION (10 pts) Full
2010 Nationals TOP 10
2011 Hobo Classic gold RESERVE GRAND (6pts) Full
2011 March Magic emerald GRAND CHAMPION
2011 March Magic Shamrock GRAND CHAMPION
2011 March Magic W.F double coat GRAND CHAMP.(6)F
2011 State Fair W.F double coat RESERVE GRAND (6)Full
2011 State Fair GRAND CHAMPION (6 pts) Full Div.
2011 Harvest- 1st Place
2011 Nationals- Halter Top 10
2012 Grass Valley - Grand Champion Full Div.
8 Grands and 1 Reserve  in halter /Grand & Reserve W.F
46 Total ALSA points


5 Grands

10 Reserves


PFO Zuni Smoke


This tall-stretchy female is out of Rebel & Mariah

2009 Grass Valley Ponderosa Reserve Grand
2009 Grass Valley Redwood Grand Champion Full
2009 California State Fair 1st/Reserve Grand Full
2009 Harvest Fair 1st Place
2010 Grass Valley Double Show, Grass Valley 2nd X2
2010 California State Fair Grand Champion LtWF
2010 Harvest Fair 2nd Place
2010 SOUTH WEST Regional's 2nd Place
2011 Hobo Classic - GOLD Reserve Grand LtWF Full
2011 Hobo Classic - Silver LtWF Full
2011 Date Festival- 1st Place
2011 Grass Valley (double) 1st/4th Place
2011 California State Fair 3rd Place
2012 Hobo Classic - GOLD Reserve Grand LtWF 
2012 Hobo Classic - Silver LtWF 
2012 Grass Valley (double) Grand/ Reserve Grand LtWF
2012 Harvest Fair- Grand MWF Full
2012 SW Regional's 1st MWAF
2013 Hobo Classic - GOLD Reserve Grand CWAF Full
2013 Hobo Classic - Silver Reserve Grand CWAF Full
2013 Dixon May Fair- Reserve Grand Full
5 Grand Champion, 10 Reserve Grand Champions

80 Total ALSA points



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