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Why Fallen Oak Llamas should be added to your herd. Our show record! Since 2007...

Grand Champions in Halter- 39                           Reserve Grand Champions in Halter- 44

Top 10 Nationals- 7  (3 were Top 5 overall)                     Grand or Reserve Regionals- 7

... and that does not count the winning that continued after we sold a llama.

Showing has been cut back the last several years.

Prices may be negotiable & companion animals may be available 


PFO Argentine Campari

Argentine Iroquois X Argentine Kamora

SOLD ...
ARGENTINE Iroquois  &  Argentine Navajo Traveler 


DOB Sept. 2, 2006
ILR# 267395
Arg. Saltarin X Argentine Pistola
Proven breeder FULL ARGENTINE
DOB Sept, 21, 2008
ILR# 276143
Arg. Kobra X Arg. Naranja
Proven Breeder FULL ARGENTINE Both parents are imports
These two boys are excellent examples of Argentines. Dense bone, huge feet, dense fiber, great top line and easy to handle. These boys will only be sold TOGETHER. They are best buddies and have been together for years. Iroquois has been my main Argentine Herdsire, siring 10 Argentine offspring so far. Traveler was his backup. Traveler had 2 offspring.


Argentine Midnight Amarula (Female)

Amarula was born at Fallen Oak. She has completed her ALSA Halter Champion Award, placing numerous Grands/Reserves in Halter, Amarula has been a great mother. She is only for sale because I am downsizing and have her genetics in my herd.


DOB August 5, 2007
Argentine Calliope X Argentine Pecos
Proven Full Argentine Female - ILR# 273778

Mel was one of my original Argentine herd. She has produced four amazing female crias for Fallen Oak. She is a great milk producer for all of her crias. Clo, the cow, better look out. Mel has her beat!


PFO Argentine Fireball
SOLD to Doug & Family
Argentine Corvo X Argentine Shoshone (ET)
DOB Sept. 25, 2015

I really wasn't going to sell Fireball up I do have to downsize. He is the last Argentine Corvo. son. Producing only 5 male Argentine offspring, Fireball is rare indeed. He is very correct. 

If you are familiar with Argentines, you know they mature slowly. That being said, I think Fireball may be a miniature when he is mature. Funny as his mother is the largest Argentine of the ranch. His mom has multiple Grand Champions in Halter & fiber. Shoshone was also the first full Argentine female to earn the ALSA Halter Champion Award.


PFO Argentine Sambuca
 SOLD to Doug & Family
DOB September 8, 2016 
Argentine Iroquois X PFO Argentine Moonshine
Full Argentine Male - ILR# 290005

Sambuca is an incredibly mellow boy! He has some very rare lines indeed, including Corvo & Saltarin

Sambuca has amazing wool coverage and the great conformation you expect from an Argentine.


PFO Argentine Midori
 SOLD to Carly
DOB March 25, 2016
Argentine Iroquois X Argentine Midnight Amarula
Full Argentine Male - ILR# Pending

Midori is Amarula's first offspring. He has great wool coverage and conformation. Midori has an amazing mellow personality. 

Midori's mom has her ALSA Halter Champion Award, placed great in Walking Fiber, and placed Class Champion at Nationals as a yearling heavy wool female. I can see Midori following in her footprints.  


PFO Yana
 SOLD to Carly
DOB June 11, 2016
PFO Lakota X Princess Puliwa
 ILR# 290003

This gentle male has his sire's personality, a real sweetheart!

Personality, fiber, conformation. His possibilities are endless.


PFO Argentine Tuaca
DOB September 7, 2016
Argentine Iroquois X PFO Argentine Kamora
Full Argentine Male - ILR# Pending

Picture taken at one month old

Tuaca has the pedigree you want. By far, on the rare side!

Tuaca is a very curious guy with heavy wool coverage & strong conformation


PFO Argentine Ransom 4 Patron
DOB July 10, 2013
Argentine Corvo X Argentine Shoshone (ET)

Argentine Ransom 4 Patron is one of the rarest FULL Argentines to be offered in North America!

Arg. Corvo (import)

Arg. Shoshone


This is a very rare boy indeed. Only 4 of Corvo's Argentine offspring have ever been offered for sale. Corvo is now deceased. Patron's mother is an eight time Halter Grand Champion & earned Grands in several large walking fiber classes. Shoshone was also the first full Argentine female to earn the ALSA Halter Champion Award.

If he takes after Shoshone, Patron should grow until the age if 5. Patron has done well in shows & is correct. He often looks like he is posing while in the pasture. Patron needs to go to a home that will truly appreciate him.


PFO Cree Breeze
DOB June 14, 2015
PFO Lakota X PFO Miwok Smoke

Picture taken at 8 months

Wow, this girl is going to be exciting. She is BIG! Her half sister is in the background.

Breeze is a quarter Argentine


Princess Puliwa
June 23, 2003
King Kameha X Riviera

Puliwa has the most gentle disposition of my herd. She gets along with everybody. Puliwa is an amazing mother. She will only be sold to a loving home!

PFO Salish Rain is Puliwa's daughter out of PFO Lakota. Rain has completed her ALSA Halter Champion Award

PFO Seneca is Puliwa's last cria out of PFO Lakota. Rain & Seneca have amazing conformation, fiber and manner


Check here for a link to other llamas for sale



PFO Argentine Frangelica


DOB May 15, 2015

Argentine Iroquois X Argentine Kamora


Frangelica had the rare lines that many Argentine breeders desire. She is an Argentine Saltarin, Argentine Corvo & Argentine Pizazz grand daughter (all Imports). She has NO Kobra, Pecos or Yecu bloodlines!

As a weanling, she has not been shown yet. She is calm and has a solid bone structure. I am looking forward to see that great body when she is shorn! Frangelica also has abundant/soft fiber.


PFO Chalupi

Born February 24, 2014 at 12:25 PM


Going to Tom & Lori from Oakhurst, CA. 08/27/15

(an Argentine Indian Tribe)

MGF Coal Tatoo X PFO Miwok Smoke


Pictures taken 08/17/2014

Chalupi is a 3/8 Argentine Male. He has just started his training and he is a sweetheart! Chalupi's two sisters also have amazing personalities and are show stopper in the show ring.




Skansen's Mona Lisa

ILR# 207264
DOB Sept. 7, 1998
Bolivian Dimension X  S's Joy Luck Club

Mona has found a great home!!!!



Going with Jana & Mike of Browns Valley, CA.

MGF Coal Tatoo

March 4, 2006 ILR 267410

This quarter Argentine is SOLID! Dense fiber, big boned, great conformation and mellow personality.

Coal has sired two female offspring. Bella Coola is a multi champion in halter & fiber, We think Tewa  She started off 2013 with a Grand Champion in walking fiber, double coat. She also took the Supreme Champion for overall Walking Fiber, single & double & was the 2014 ALSA Western Regionals Heavy Wool Female

S's Gypsy Trade

April Special SOLD

Going with Juli & Family to Coarsegold, CA.

March 19, 2005 ILR# 263003

Gypsy was part of a trade in 2007. Gypsy is a large, gorgeous girl. She is a curious & has been a great mother.

Only shown a few times & did very well- including RESERVE GRAND 2007 Harvest Fair & Top 5 Western Regional's


PFO Hopi

DOB July 9, 2012

ILR# 284911

PFO Lakota X Princess Puliwa


Going with Juli & Family to Coarsegold, CA.

Hopi is PFO Rain's full sister! She had her mothers color & quiet demeanor. With the champions that her sire has produced, we have high hopes for Hopi. Hopi is blossoming with training.


MGF Willow Pond


Going with Juli & Family to Coarsegold, CA.

ILR# 280118 
DOB July 24, 2009
WSL Silver Lining X MGF Babbling Brooke

Willow is a cute Suri. She is a small girl as she lost her mother at 3 months & was not supplemented. Willow has correct- heavy boned legs. Her fleece is a beautiful golden color. Willow is inquisitive and wants to be worked with. We just have not had time to bring her to her full potential


  SOLD to Marlys in Sebastopol

PFO Bella Coola

DOB April 4, 2010

ILR# 280472

This girl has it all!!!!

Bella won multiple Grand Champions in both Fiber AND Halter in 2011- all before she was two years old (all in full Divisions). In 2012 she already has been getting blue ribbons at Dixon and Grass Valley & a Grand Champion at State Fair in Walking Fiber.

Bella is the first to be sired by Coal & the only cria out of Spiritt Wind. Her mellow personality, great conformation and fiber comes from both sides. Windy, Bella's mother, is getting Grands & blue ribbons for her new owners- at 8 years of age.

Bella is a smaller girl. She would also make a GREAT performance llama. With this girls track record, you are sure to have a winner... at to add to that, 

Bella LOVES people!
2013 Harvest Fair, Santa Rosa, CA.

HWFA Grand Champion (full Division)

2012 California State Fair
   2nd HW2YF 
 Grand Champion- Single Coat Walking Fiber (full  Division)
2012 Grass Valley  Grass Valley, CA 
 HW2YF 1st /1st Place
2012 Dixon May Fair, Dixon, CA.   
    HW2YrF 1st (ILR) / 2nd (ALSA)
2012 Hobo Classic, Turlock, CA. (double) 
4th/ 4th Place HWYF
2011 Harvest Fair, Santa Rosa, CA

 4th Place HWYF

2011 California State Fair, Sacramento, CA  
   Reserve Grand- Heavy Wool Female, 1ST HWYF (full division)
       Grand - Single Coat Walking Fiber (full division)
2011 Grass Valley, Grass Valley, CA 
 HWYF 1st/1st Place
2011 March Magic, Lancaster, CA.
Reserve Grand Walking Fiber double coat (full division)                                 
2nd & 2nd HWJF
2011 Date Festival, Indio, CA. 
1st /GRAND CHAMPION HWF (full Division)


...and more. Bella is on her way to a Fiber and Halter Champion Award



Dolly's Tibet

Sold to Carolyn in Oregon

April 1, 2001 ILR 270861

This classic wool girl is a rare find! She has good size, solid bone & conformation. She has a gorgeous Guanaco coloring & a very mild personality!

Tibet has had 3 GREAT silky crias for us


SOLD now lives with Susan in Penngrove

Yuri is a 8 year old (?) cream colored suri alpaca gelding. 


PFO Abenaki

 SOLD now lives with Susan in Penngrove

May 5, 2012 ILR pending

Abenaki is out of Rebel and Kissy. He takes after his parents-amazingly calm & cooperative, plus heavy wool.


 SOLD now lives  in Grass Valley
PFO Princess Maidu
ILR# 282036 
DOB Sept. 30, 2010
PFO Lakota X Dolly's Tibet

Out of PFO Lakota, ALSA ROM & Halter Champion!

Maidu has gorgeous fiber. We believe she will be on the taller side. She has a very correct, graceful, feminine quality to her. 

She looks very similar to her brother, PFO Zoot Suit Zydeco, multiple Halter, Fiber & Performance Champion.

2011 State Fair - 1st Place Medium Wool Weanling Halter Female



Has new home in Loma Rica with Trish & Nick

Skansen's Ginger

April 25, 1999 ILR# 213123

Ginger is from our original purchase in 2001. At the time she was pregnant with Joseppi. She is also mom to Cheyenne, PFO Tuolumne, and PFO MaBoom Boom Mabuto

Ginger now has acres to roam and horses & goats to hang out with. Her buddy, Irish Mist, is with her too!


SOLD staying in Dobbins/Oregon House

Ruadh Flanagan

ILR# 273630 
DOB March 17, 2006
RSQ Llama X Dolly's Tibet

Ruadh Flanagan is a gorgeous light/medium wool male. Ruadh is Gaelic for red. He was born on St. Patrick's Day 


SOLD staying in Dobbins/Oregon House

PFO Kokopelli Smoke

ILR# 275569

DOB June 22, 2008

Argentine Corvo X Skansen's Tiffany at 5th Ave

Kokopelli received 1st at the 2009 Grass Valley Show , 2009 State Fair Show, Grand Champion at 2009 Harvest Fair, Grand/Resv. Grand 2010 Grass Valley Show. Kokopelli was top 3 in his class at the 2009 Nationals. He shows great potential like his maternal brothers PFO Jasper & PFO Lakota. 



SOLD staying in Dobbins

PFO Ukia Creek

ILR# 280473
DOB May 3, 2010
Argentine Corvo X Mitzey

Ukia is a half Argentine out of Arg. Corvo. This bloodline is a rare find indeed!

Ukia has soft, dense fiber on an athletic body. He has a solid bone structure & the Argentine flat topline. He is going to be a big boy.


SOLD now resides in Hawaii

PFO Mohegan

ILR# 280475
DOB May 17, 2010
Hughes SpellBinder X Skansen's Gypsy Trade

Mohegan  has a great personality (friendly & halters well) for the novice; a correct / powerhouse body for the show & incredibly silky fiber for the spinner.

Mohegan has a 'LOOK AT ME' quality to him. He is a good prospect for a future Herdsire

What a package! 


SOLD now resides in Hawaii


ILR# 242520
DOB March 19, 2002
Skansen's Molotov Cocktail X Skansen's Mona Lisa


7/8 Bolivian. She has turned into a great mother, easy birther with lots of milk. She has done well in the show ring.


PFO Twilight Spiritt

SOLD went to Southern California

ILR# 280471
DOB April 17, 2010
Skansen's Rebel X Overland Trail's Mariah Carey

Spiritt has personality PLUS.

Spiritt would do well in performance class, being a companion/pet or be a therapy llama at hospitals, schools, etc. She has also done well in the show ring. When I go out in the pasture & sit down, she will come over and kush down next to me.

personality, Personality, PERSONALITY


PFO Argentine Drambuie to Lynda 

SOLD went to Minnesota

ILR# 279452

DOB Aug. 6, 2009


FULL ARGENTINE. Not just that, but both parents are Imports. Drambuie comes from rare lines indeed. This is  Arg. Corvo's third full Argentine offspring & we believe he surpasses the other two (yeah, it is a bit biased, but true)

Rare Argentine genetics, dense wool coverage, vibrant coloring, great temperament, bone density... this boy is destined to be a Herdsire



Sold  to Kim & Len in Lodi

PFO Paiute Smoke
ILR# 275573
DOB July 28, 2008
Argentine Corvo X Mitzey

Most definitely an Argentine phenotype.

Wool coverage galore! At the 2009 Grass Valley Show, Paiute's fiber was the only one to rate 9 out of 10! Fine fiber with dense coverage.

The sweetness and correct body type of the Argentine!

He has the willingness to be an outstanding performance llama,

the conformation for the show ring & still be a spinners dream!

Sold to Wayne & Carol Culp in Occidental

Spiritt Wind

ILR#  252633

D.O.B. July 6, 2003

Hughes SpellBinder X Skansen's Mona Lisa

Windy is the ultimate llama. She is an EXTREMELY gentle girl. She has numerous ribbons from the show ring. She has done 'real life' P.R. for years and loves the attention. She will lay down next to me in the pasture and watch life go by as long as I stay there. She also loves to have her silky fiber brushed

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