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2004 Nationals Trip to Nebraska and Vegas 2005 Date Festival/Disneyland              2005 Del Mar/ Yosemite Trip         2006 San Francisco Trip     2007 Date Festival
2007 Jane Sheppard Event 2007 Gravenstein Harvest Fair 2007 Nationals and Vegas 2008 Point Reyes


The LlamaLimo was Fallen Oaks' primary form of llama transport. We do not own a livestock trailer.


Shortly after Fallen Oak started up, in 2001, we purchased a 1979 Dodge full-size van from the tow yard. The van served us well until 2006, when we sold it. The Dodge took us to the Oregon Regional's twice, National in Nebraska(2002) & many more places too. The van slept Dave, Suzann & Jasper & Jordann (llamas) to and from Nationals. As cozy as it was, we needed a larger vehicle to transport more then two llamas. After all, we are such a 'huge' ranch. Right.


In December of 2003, we bought the LlamaLimo. It was purchased over Ebay. In it's former life, it was a 24 passenger transit bus for the Yuba City Parks Department. Carpet on floor walls and ceiling. Stereo & lights down both sides. Heat & air front and back. Overhead storage that holds over half a bale of hay & supplies. We drove it up the hill to our house. Now what? Gut it, of course!


The seats came out and an interior wall went up. Cut the backs off two seats and sandwich them between two other seats- what do you have- A BED with storage under it!


Our maiden voyage was to the Hobo Classic in 2004. We took 5 juvenile llamas & only had one bathroom accident on the trip. To our surprise, most of OUR llamas did not have a problem loading through the front door & walking to the back. In fact, most self load. When we arrived at Hobo and settled the llamas into their stalls, we tried to take a nap in the Limo. Though the windows are heavily tinted, we found ourselves staring nose to nose with curious llama owners. That is when we realized that shades were a must. We had prepared the Limo with our essentials by the 2004 Nationals. Rick & Mary Adams made the wonderful lettering on the side of the Limo. We can no longer think about driving by the livestock inspection station in Utah.


Owning the Limo can present some problems. A lot of people have asked us for directions, thinking we are public transit. If we slow or stop by a bus stop, people get upset that we are not picking them up. In Vacaville, one man even asked what our Limo rates were. While on the highway, cars often slow down to check out our passengers.


The Llama Limo was completely modular, Seats can go in, seats come out. The center wall can be moved forward or back. We can have 1 or 2 beds, or none at all. The Limo was sold in 2017.


Our llamas are now taken in a Chrysler Town and Country. Trips arte now limited to two llamas.


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