2013 Crias

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Arg. Shoshone (ET) X Arg. Corvo

Due June 25th. Gave birth July 10th 2:00 PM


  Arg. Melodia X Arg. Corvo

Both have produced Champions.

Due July 10th. Gave birth July 20th 2:55PM


PFO Argentine Patron
  PFO Argentine Momokawa G Joy
Patron was born after a prolonged heat wave. He started out quite reserved. He stayed close to Shoshone & was a quiet little guy.

He got a playmate ten days later. Wow, things have changed. I watched him run and kick out his legs right after Momokawa was born.

On July 21st both are running together.

  This little girl has not stopped. She has been moving since the time she was born. Kushed at 5 minutes, on her feet at 25 minutes, nursing while standing at 40 minutes (she nursed while kushed at 15 minutes) and running by a hour old

She is driving her mom nuts at a day old. She won't stop. She is running around with Patron and walking away into the other field when Mel is not looking.








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