2007 Date Festival

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Ahh, the 2007 Date Festival. We had not been down there for two years. If you read the travels from the last time we went down, you understand why we took a break from this show.


This year was PERFECT! We hit the road with two girls, Gypsy & Shawnee. The trip down & the weather was great... so great that the girls got a bath down there.

The Fairgrounds now has a covered arena to show in. The Fair had put in $30,000 in arena & paddock improvements.

Lora Crawford was the judge for the show. As you can see, not even Lora's' calm demeanor could settle down Shawnee's first time at a show. I guess that is a draw back for living way out in the country - the llamas never get to see strangers,


Gypsy acted like an old pro - at a year old. She stayed calm through the whole trip & put up with Shawnee's needy behavior.


Shawnee remained a 'squirrel on the trip down & at the Fair. Both llamas went to the bathroom when we took them for walks and only had an accident once when they locked up the barn at night.

On the way back, it clicked for Shawnee. She figured out that people were not so scary. We stopped at many rest stops and a few attractions. Both acted like old pro's around people & objects. They allowed people to touch them & started giving 'kisses' no nearly everyone. In fact, if Shawnee had her way, she would have stuck her head inside the dinosaur



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