2006 San Francisco

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On November 21, 2006 we decided to go to San Francisco with Rebel and Lakota.

It has been a long time since we have taken the 'boy' out to have fun. The last time was in June when we all went to the Del Mar Show and Yosemite (again). Dave had been working too many hours at his job & I had been spending a lot of time, doing what, I don't know.

This was a week when we had obligations in the Bay Area. Dave had to go to San Carlos to confirm positioning of equipment on his new tow truck. That sounded like the perfect time to load our two 'boys' in the LLama Express (a Plymouth Grand Voyager) and bring them along.





We got a latter start in the morning. We wanted to miss the commute traffic from Santa Rosa.

Both llamas jumped into the van. Lakota is good with this. He lays down as soon as he gets in. Rebel, on the other hand, stands up for 30-40 miles before he will lay down.

The trip to San Francisco went smoothly. We planned on stopping at the Zoo for the first bathroom break. Instead, we drove a short distance farther - to Ocean Beach.

The llamas have never seen the ocean

The people we came in contact with were mostly from the east Europe and Russian area. The people here were very gentle and respectful with the llamas. That is something that was very refreshing to use. Quite often the people we have come in contact with (especially State & County Fairs) can be demanding & pushy. Not Here!

People stayed with the llamas for 5 or more minutes. They asked questions, but mostly just wanted to pet & talk to the llamas. One gentleman stood with the llamas for about 15 minutes. He did not speak English well. He hugged the 'boys', pet the 'boys' and smiled a lot!! His family said that their Dad had animals in the Old Country and absolutely loves our llamas






After a while we loaded up and headed to San Carlos. Dave took care of business & we were off. We did not think the llamas could wait until we got back to S.F..

We stopped at the Serramonte Shopping Mall for a bathroom break. We stopped in a semi remote part of the parking lot & the llamas did their deed. Since we were near the Pet Smart there, we went in to go shopping. After all, pets are allowed in as long as they are on leash. We apparently stopped in during a new employee training session. Either that or the Pet Smart is WELL STAFFED. The Manager and other employees took photos with the llamas.

Back in the parking lot, one woman had us wait until she went into a store to buy a camera. When she came back, we took a picture of her with the llamas. We loaded up & again were off.

Next Stop- a bathroom and grass break at Golden Gate Park.

The whether was great and the people friendly. Being a mid week, there were more locals than tourists. Also, the Academy of Science was under renovation. We were able to get in a lot of walking.

After spending an hour + there, we started home. We had to stop at the Golden Gate Bridge for a photo opt though.









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